150 bài tập chọn câu có nghĩa tương đương


tải miễn phí ebook tổng hợp 150 bài tập chọn câu có nghĩa tương đương trong môn tiếng anh.

1. Eric is going to be very lonely living by himself in that remote area.
A. Eric will live by himself in that distant place and he will feel very lonely.
B. Eric enjoys being on his own, so living in that remote place won’t bother him much.
C. That area is very far from the city, so Eric will be alone most of the time.
D. Remote areas are often lonely to live in, but Eric enjoys the solitude.

2. You could hardly have decided on a less secure career than that of a novelist.
A. There are some careers that are not as secure as that of a novelist.
B. If it is security that you are after, you should try being a novelist.
C. In deciding to be a novelist, you have probably chosen the least secure career possible.
D. There are probably better ways of securing your future than becoming a novelist.

3. Only Mike has the expertise to carry out this project.

A. This project can only be carried out by someone with the same knowledge and skills that Mike has.
B. There is only one person with the skill required for this project, and that is Mike.
C. Mike should be the one to do the project because he knows so much.
D. Mike has to be consulted about this project because he knows more than anyone else.

4. If I had known you needed a hand painting your house, I would have helped you.
A. I didn’t help you to paint your house because I had no idea that you were doing it.
B. I am planning to help you to paint your house whenever you are ready.
C. Let me know when you are going to paint your house, and I will lend a hand.
D. You didn’t tell me you needed help painting your house; otherwise, I’d have assisted you.

5. Ellen would trust her mother, but not her sister, with anything.
A. Although Ellen finds her mother completely trustworthy, she does not feel the same about her sister.
B. Ellen felt she could trust neither her mother nor her sister with anything.
C. There was nothing that Ellen would not trust her mother, as well as her sister, with.
D. Neither Ellen nor her sister feel that they can trust their mother with everything.

6. Having prepared for the worst, they were pleasantly surprised to find themselves bypassed by the hurricane.
A. Even if the hurricane had hit them, they wouldn’t have been affected much.
B. It was such a relief when the hurricane did not strike them, though they had prepared for the worst.
C. Had they not made such extensive preparations, they would have suffered even worse damage.
D. While they had made preparations for the hurricane, it was still a relief that they did not suffer much damage.

7. In Nepal, literacy increased by approximately 40 percent from the early 1950s to the end of the century.
A. 40 percent of the people of Nepal became literate during the latter half of the 20
th century.
B. At the end of the 20
th century, about 40 percent of the Nepalese were literate, much higher than in the early 1950s.
C. About 40 percent more of the Nepalese population became literate during the second half of the 20
th century.
D. From the middle to the end of 20
th century, only about 40 percent of Nepalese people could read and write.

8. Though once quite fatal, the threat of pneumonia has been greatly reduced as a result of antibiotic treatment.
A. A threatening disease which used to be fatal in the past, pneumonia has now been eliminated by antibiotic treatment.
B. Pneumonia was a rather deadly disease in the past, but antibiotic treatment has lessened its dangers very much.
C. Despite its dangers being significantly reduced thanks to antibiotics, pneumonia can still be rather deadly.
D. In order to lessen its deadliness, the threatening disease pneumonia must be treated with antibiotics.

9. The eradication of snakes by humans has resulted in an abrupt rise in rodent populations in certain areas.
A. The number of rodents living in a certain place is directly connected to how many snakes humans are killing.
B. The rate of elimination by humans not only of snakes but also of rodents has gone up significantly in some areas.
C. Had humans not eliminated the snakes in some areas, there would be much smaller populations of rodents living there.
D. By skilling snakes, humans have caused the numbers of rodents in some places to increase drastically.

10. Few novels offer as sharp a commentary on the injustices faced by Blacks as Richard Wright’s Native Son.
A. Unlike most novels, Native Son was based on wrongs Richard Wright himself, as a Black, had faced.
Native Son, by Richard Wright, is one of his many sharply critical novels about the injustices faced by Blacks.
C. Richard Wright’s
Native Son comments more cuttingly than most novels on the unfairness Blacks confront.
D. Quite a few novels, such as Richard Wright’s
Native Son, comment cuttingly on the unfairness confronted by Blacks.

11. British mystery writer Phyllis James White never received a rejection slip from any publishers for any of her novels.
A. Publishers never turned down the manuscripts of Phyllis James White, a British mystery writer.
B. The publishers were eagerly awaiting the manuscripts of Phyllis James White, a British mystery writer.
C. Phyllis James White, a British mystery writer, refused to send her manuscripts to a publisher who had even once rejected her.

D. The British mystery writer Phyllis James White wrote so well that hardly any publishers turned her manuscripts down.

12. While recycling has caught the public imagination, reducing waste has attracted much less attention.
A. Using things again is the best way to reduce the amount of rubbish.
B. People are more interested in recovery and reuse than in creating less rubbish.
C. It is not generally known that reducing waste is more effective than recycling.
D. Recycling is not necessarily the best way of reducing waste, according to the public.

13. She seems pleased with her results, but I’m not so happy with mine.
A. I expected higher results than her, but unfortunately, I was disappointed.
B. Although she was more pleased with her results than I was with mine, hers weren’t actually any better.
C. She is quite happy about her results, but I wouldn’t be if I were her.
D. I’m less pleased with my results than she is with hers, with which she appears to be happy.

14. Most of the public believes that cancer is caused by toxic substances.
A. Most of the population thinks that poisonous substances play a role in the increase in cancer cases.
B. It is generally believed that poisonous chemicals are the main factor in the development of cancer
C. The majority of the population is of the opinion that poisonous substances are the reason behind the development of cancer.
D. The fact that toxic chemicals cause cancerous tumours in the human body is well-known among the public.

15. The project required for graduation will take up most of our time in our final year.
A. We will have plenty of time in our final year because we only have to do our graduation project.
B. If we didn’t have to do a compulsory project, we would have plenty of time to do other things before graduating.
C. We have to do a project in order to graduate, and it is keeping us very busy.
D. The project that we must do in order to graduate will leave us with little time in our final year.