21st Century Reading 1


21st Century Reading 1 Free: Creative Thinking and Reading with TED Talks

Trọn bộ 21st Century Reading là một trong những cuốn sách bán chạy nhất, nơi của những câu chuyện phi thường, những tư duy sáng tạo và đầy cảm hứng – TED talks.

Featuring extraordinary stories presented by inspiring thinkers and doers, TED Talks ignite curiosity and introduce learners to ideas which can change the world.

TED Talks use authentic language, delivered by experts in their field, providing learners with models of English that are real and relevant to their academic studies.

Critical and Creative Thinking skills – including analysis, evaluation, synthesis, reflection, inference, and problem-solving – are fully integrated into every unit, to help learners develop academic skills.

Scaffolded reading and vocabulary tasks guide learners to a better understanding of the key ideas, skills, and language


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